2018_07_16 Wodonga update from Roger

2016_07_16 More pics from Roger

Today Al and I spent a couple hours wiring in bits of Albury laid so far. But finally cold chased us back inside. Still lot of work completed, but nothing to photograph.

Meanwhile Roger sent this update on Wodonga station building.
Enjoy :D

Gosh I am impressed with such great friends. Thanks Roger Wodonga is great even without the tin on the roof Ha Ha



2018_07_05 Albury Yard continues...

2018_07_05  Al and I worked the South Box end of Albury yard

 Using a three way point  to set up platform, Through and Runaround roads at South Albury

 This time we are wiring all track work as we go, and fitting point motors and droppers. It is slowing us down, but at least this side is completed as we go. So many other places remain unconnected :(

 The BG crosses the SG and enters the yard loop towards Station Box, where it will cross over the SG, again, and head towards the flour mill and sheds.

The BG continues on into Albury platform and runaround.

Also setting up the over track lighting.



2019_07_01 Dirt?

2019_07_01 Before you can grow grass and trees you need some dirt, I guess?

First thing. The carriage lighting circuits arrived from England

Actually the original order messed up, and I had to re-order. Arrived in 10 days.

Have enough to complete 20 cars.

I also purchased 20 dual action magnetic reed switches. So I can build more if needed.

Graeme works on his scenery some more.


Some track?  Al and I reorganise Albury yard. Time to link up the new  Helix.

Trying to make room for the BG to cross over the SG  and still maintain the three way points which create the throat int Platform, Through and Run-a-Round roads at Albury.
This was complicated by all the extra timber left underneath when we changed the gradient into Albury.

Till next time,