2016_05_27 The wet has arrived

2016_05_27  Wallpaper eh Back sheets again?

BACK drops again!! My local Bunnings store paint manager, is a liberated Pom ;) He brought his family here after spending years painting and wall papering homes in England. He has never been available for a chat until now. "In England we still use oil based paints. The reason is that some of our houses are so old and the weather is so damp anyway that we need to properly seal the walls and plastic paint just does not cut it."
Most wall papering, he says, goes right over the top of old wall paper, and in very old houses it can grow to half an inch thick. The new glue seals up the old paper and its good for many more years. It acts as an insulation as well. New homes get oil based top coats to ensure the damp is sealed out and if required wallpaper can be applied. Strangely it is difficult to buy oil based paints here, and I guess damp is not usually a problem?
Without a doubt, I need to paint the plaster walls with oil based paint. I think he was suggesting that this means undercoat as top coats are acrylic? Apparently lightly sanding the existing plastic and mixing the blue colour into flat undercoat will do the job. Just another $57 for paint with 8 litres of unused paint to get rid of :(

The Murray Railway Modellers Exhibition 2016
Our exhibition this year was very successful again this year. I have been lost in action during this busy time and spent three days with the Exhibition.
Our major sponsor was Austrains again, and about an hour before closing Sunday he announced it was his best ever show here breaking records for all small Exhibitions.

Our huge collection of Australian HO and books went well, however a lot of the collection is still to be moved. Not sure what they will do now.