2017_04_29 Making mountains....

2017_04_29 Graeme came to  build me a mountain!

Never much liked Elvis, but as I got older, my taste matured🚂 HaHa!

Where were we?

The undercoat is on the walls and the topcoat should blend it all in. The infinity corners, I read somewhere, help with the illusion.

Whilst Graems started the mountain, I scrounged all the foam, I could find.

Now we have some material..

 Graeme forms the foundation

Trimming it all with his "hot wire cutter"

 Who says "Mountains takes millennia! Just a few hours and it takes form.

I thought hot wires save the mess! Actually they are a gift to all modellers, and the mess is bulky and easily picked up. Much better than the dust caused by cutting it with a saw

I bought some rock moulds, so we are going to thin this out a bit to insert some castings here.

 A view from the Murray side. This aspect of the layout is more "freelance" than the rest. Of course all caused by compressing such a huge area into such a "small" room.  🔨

View from the other side.

Next episode will see Graeme adjusting the shapes, and gluing it all together. Then I will cover it with cloth and it should be ready for plaster and ground cover.

But for me its back to replacing temporary wiring. About half the layout is operating properly, and I have a feeling the contamination between territories is not far from being solved, and maybe even today :)