2016_04_19 Influenza!

2016_04_19    not right to go :(

Got hit hard this week with the flu. Graeme turned up Saturday and applied the finishing coat of plaster to the wall.  Had no breath, and asthma type symptoms , barely had the energy to sit outside the infection zone and watch him do it. Went back to bed as soon as Graeme left.
Got up this morning feeling better and sanded down the joins, so will attempt to get the undercoat on, and prepare for Wednesday, when Al and I will finish the 12 m of bench's, and hopefully secure it all to the wall.
Might get some blue background colour on before we do that.
Wish us luck  :D

Extra finishing plaster applied, and just a light sand. All smooth to the hand anyway ;)


In October I was visiting Col Hussey in Sydney and  was given three Sedum cuttings which I placed in this pot.
I am wondering how large these "flowers" will grow, but they look much nicer in this size than the ones I saw at the Florist.
Of course their are thousands of varieties, and fortunately they are very hardy, attested by their growth here after being left in the boot for a week ;)

Two hours on. Managed to get undercoat on, but heavy congestion is still affecting my breathing. That's all for today