2016_11_10 Thursday Workday....

2016_11_10  Al came for a days work...

No pictures today because we got bogged down.
Remember the power points behind the wall under Albury?
Muggins here decided that we could spend a few minutes transferring them to the outside and bringing them into use.. well by 4.00 pm, we were sore and we were exhausted.
Al  found the spot and we decided to cut through the plaster and hook them back up again. It was a bugger of a job.

In the meantime I had to make up some new connection looms for Honeysuckle so we could get that back down and installed...  We then thought we could connect up all the track. Well maybe next time :)

Thanks Al, we did actually get some lousy jobs done. We did good :)
We have both double power points back in use. As well we have the camera points set up on top of the wall. Yeah, we did all right.