2018_03_16 Playing with the B.E.

2018_03_16  laying asphalt :)

I got some thin foam from Office Works, and more from a dollar store at Birralea.
Added it on top to see if it looked like bitumen.

So this is what we started with. The white foam is about 2 mm thick and came in 5 sheets, all white.

The black sheet came in a pack of 5 different colours. Only one black sheet :(

 It nearly comes up to rail height. So a track cleaner gently rubbed should clean the head of the rail.

Started to chalk and rub with a cloth after white glue set. I will finish this off tomorrow. I am happy it will work. Also finish off covering the white with black.

Got a parcel from States. I just cannot find things like pallets, workshop machinery skips etc here, got them all in one box. A bit pricy though.

The Parcel?

 Fork lifts, Elevators Workshop machinery such as drill press and lathes Welders etc.

Skips and pallets and hand held pallet lifts. and milk churns for Depot as well as bicycles and stuff such as that.


2018_03_10 Another Sandown and yes I went again

😷 2018_03_10 My Mum saw the TV adds for Liverpool "Of course you will be visiting me then?"

So another promise broken (that is to never go to Sandown again)

Mind you Auscision made it all worthwhile. Meeting friends was another plus.
So others will show you pictures and talk about the layouts.
I will show you the specials I got..

Here is something I found for my mate Al :) Hope he likes it, as it operates traffic lights for crossroads, that is 4 directions using Australian system that is yellow> Red> Green> Yellow and back to red again. (optional bus or tram light to boot ;)

48 ft containers. A bit late for my era, but... I like them

A Alco Class 45 from the Auscision grab bin. Thanks guys, its quiet, complete and runs well DC.

A few more containers. Thanks Bruce Race :) You talked me into them, but I am happy :)

Was never going to pay what they were asking for these, however  they were caught with too many of the early paints, so I picked this one up very cheap!

And a few more cars :)

I also visited Kyneton on the Sunday...

Kyneton Exhibition 2018

One seller had some small packs of Chinese stuff at  good prices

 I will use these to light up the sheds. Paint inside white and top green. Try to remove posts and hang them from the rafters. If that does not work, I will write to the Chinese seller and see if he will make me the shades without the posts? Packs of 3 for$5

5 for $5 Pretty reasonable? includes 15 Led's and resistors.


2018_03_03 Weathering the rail and the B.E.

 2018_03_03  ok Graeme shows me his weathering methods and paints my rail. I continue with the B.E.

minimum masking and using an airgun.

The B.E.

 Its coming along and all I need is bits and pieces to hi light the scene. I have a parcel coming with most of these. Unfortunately the Mobillift crane looks like a scratch build, according to Owen of