2013 October 23

2013 October 23 Nice day cloudy but easy to work in the shed :D

Wednesday is turning into a regular workday at my place.
Allan Jeeves again came over with some valuable advice and much needed assistance on the layout.
I think he came over to lay track on the previously completed track bases, but I had other ideas. In fact I did not know what I was thinking , because I decided to relay the track along the upper level on the long wall. The more we looked at it, the more obvious was our final decision to demolish most of it and start again.
I gently lifted all the track and laid it on the bottom level for easy recovery, and then we started rebuilding the top. In fact we demolished it and then re supported the remaining frame.    Even though the camera does not really show it, all the dips have been removed and a new baseboard mounted on top should be flat and level as I first wanted it. Let the pictures do the talking :)

Allan keeps coming back for more, and I got to say, I really appreciate it too. Got some great thoughts and we do get on well, despite me trying to drill his hand today :(

The new Bowser Junction roughed out. The left hand rail enters the branch and Bowser Station around the corner. The straight track is the main BG heading towards the section on the other main long wall, as yet not started. Temporarily it will ling into the branch on the Trentham side. The third track to the right crosses the SG on a diamond ,but instead of heading for Beechworth and Bright, it will enter a stone quarry, in a way similar to the Kilmore East facility. AS I say roughed out, but ready for smoothing out the curves and tacking it all down.

Trying to show the straight top edge. It really is straight and with 5 Ply affixed to it, should be really nice to lay track on.