2019_05_03 Continued update

2019_05_03  Postie here.....

Quick trip from China arrived same day as a slow trip from Melbourne.

Decided to try out 5000K white Led strips 120 to meter led's. Got a bulk buy for under $100
Then ordered Aluminum holders with diffusers 40 m for  $152.
Disappointed that joining pieces shown in add were not included.

Now just need to figure out how to join them..  Its never easy, is it?
and from an Aussie address, but delivered from China,

Lets us see how long this takes to get installed Ha Ha


2019_05_03 Mass Assembly he he!!

2019_05_03  After about 3 years we fitted some point motors :D

Just hope it doesn't take another three years to install the Tam Valley Octopus switches :(

Al came over and brought the rain with him. Don't think I ever remember it raining this hard for so long.
Al is soldering on red and black wire leads and tinning the lug to take the frog wires hanging under the layout

 I bought some Tam Valley assembled servo point motors a few years back on a Friday 13th day 20 % off sale. Now its time to power up the frogs and complete the circuits in Wodonga yard using the built in micro switches,  provided.  Here I am testing the servo (test box that centers servo) and straightening the wire throw. Always flat, where are the spare AA batteries?

Hard at work, no time for chatter.  I left out the pictures of me laying on the trolley under layout doing the job, I hate most... soldering the frog wire to the switch...  upside down!.  I then lined up the point with Al checking the throw from above.
We found two points above a brace and were unable to put motors underneath. I will have to get creative and mount them in a building on top, I guess.
In all we took most of the day to install 10 motors, got another 6 ready to install, but time ran out.

As well I connected all wiring underneath to the relevant bus line.
Damn good day. Thanks Al for your company and assistance.
We finished off the day with a train running the branch back to the helix. About 6 scale miles.Cheers
ps the air conditioner had us sweating in an hour, and we turned it off. How about that?
Given it was raining, and not so cold, it will be interesting to see how it works when its really cold, outside.