2014_07_04 (continues)

2014 July 4th at about 8.30pm Work ends for the day :)

set about 10 m of track after tweaking the roadbed, and mounted two points. Wired two more ready to plant tomorrow.  Track fixed down and insulated. Just need 10 pairs of droppers and the point motors installed, and lay another 6 m of track to connect in on the Bowser end.
Hopefully this will be working tomorrow.
I just ran a train in using jumper cables to get an idea of the grade and how it looks. I think I am really pleased with it :)


2014 July 4 Happy 4th of July USA

2014 July 4  Happy Birthday Nanny Gertie! Always remembered.  Happy 4th of July USA

So the sun is out first time in what seems like weeks. Last night it was 2 C and right now its 12.8 C.
The solar panels started up again after being dormant for weeks.
putting out 2028 watts with today's total  (so far) 5.73 KW that's feeding 7.5 amps into the grid :D

But inside the shed things are moving. I now have all the 12 volt feeds in for my tortoise motors and all the loconet UP5's are externally powered. The Digitrax sysem worked last night without a hitch.

Had a sound decoder self destruct last night, first one that shorted out the system. Almost lost a Traino V/Line S Class as well. It got mighty warm by the time I found where the fault was. Unfortunately it was in a section protected with an indicator globe, not a circuit breaker type device. Will have to finish upgrading this old system :(

Got moving a little earlier this morning, and decided to put aside my problems with the servo motors until I can get an answer from Tam Valley.

In the meantime I have sorted out the bench work for the branch line extension.

Looking along No 1 Rd to the end of the line and towards the new work

Small adjustments to the road bed and awaiting the base to settle (glue dry)

This is the bit Al and I worked on last Friday. It now has a higher road bed screwed down, a pad for the wheat silos at right and is connected at both ends

In the middle distance you can see the temporary diversion track off to the right whilst the branch continues on straight and climbs on to the trestle.

The temporary track sits on the sceneryand will enter a tunnel in the back drop hidden in a hill.. When the diversion is no longer needed, I can pull the track and model an abandoned tunnel :D

The trestle can be finished now and permanently mounted in this position ;)

Just stepping back a little. The new point will go middle right hand side.

Now looking in the other Direction back towards Trentham. The grain Silo and associated track will fill in the area closest Trentham (where the rail is sitting)

Well I have had a late lunch, so back out in the shed, see if the glue has dried and perhaps lay some track :)