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2020_01_29 Finally!! Albury works, and this ends a major frustration.

2020_01_29 Wiring problem fixed.

And so after a frustrating few months, we have trains running between Wodonga Coal Sidings and Albury. I will write up a story about how this all happened in the near future.
My "DCC University" inspired wiring design is the main cause. I either misinterpreted what was said, or it was just not the correct way to wire such a complex layout as this one developed into in.

I applied at least 6 fixes trying to get this bit of track working. Somehow among  the constant wiring changes, I created extra faults and this just complicated the whole job.

In one day, I disconnected the wires connecting Wodonga Coal Sidings and Albury and then revised the runs and then connected it all up again. I found that the dual juicer (Tam Valley) were cross wired and that a negative feed was missing (BG track was sharing the SG feed!)

Video here 

Rod Young