2017_02_09 Alday returns 27C in shed. not too bad

2017_02_09 Still chasing faults, but working on wiring up the coal siding.

Not much to photograph today. Al and I worked on the SG yard, Albury end of coal siding. We found one nasty fault that just would not fix itself on a points ladder. Finally at end time, we decided the point was faulty. 5 points in ladder, 4 work perfectly and one shorts out one way, does not other way. Juicer fires and yet loco still shorts out.
We could do a lot more if these stupid little problems did not keep stopping us in our tracks. A new point is ready to install, and must fix the problem.

I have 13.9 Volts on DCC bus. Still cannot connect in the horseshoe curve up into Wodonga Station. But I will simply isolate the section and join it into Coal Siding. If short is found, I at least know where to look. I can then connect up all the droppers. If it holds voltage, on to next section.
With 13.9v at the start of station limits I can start to connect in parts of Wodonga station till I find the short.

Having two of us tied down to this "search and rescue" mission seems extravagant, however it works well, and we have plenty of time to chat, and that's what its all about, isn't it? This old fella spent most of day laying on a trolley under the layout, and Al for once got a "sitting job" at least for some of the time.  We are accomplishing two things here. Isolating sections of layout and making permanent wiring, where we find temporary connections. And their are lots of them.
 Thanks Al :)