2016_12_12 We moved Alday forward

2016_12_12  "Al-Day" moves to Monday this once only. Al arrived and we finished off Kilmore East and started to tidy up the Silos, amongst other things.

As I write this entry, just had a nice conversation with Peter Birthisel from Warrnambool (about)
Hope you do get to visit, you will be welcome.

Ok so what did we achieve today? Al manned the tack hammer and the Dremel, and fitted track into place.

My job was to keep ahead soldering droppers to points, and connecting up point motors and wiring them in.

We did a heap of work.  Al's track work is extremely good. I am thinking of hiring him out :)

Pictures will tell the story :D

Ok.  The track on the top left is the branch line exiting the three way point, which is going to represent my Bowser Station.
The next track to right is the Main North East BG.
The next is the Main North East S.G..line
The third leg of the three way wont take you to Bright, however it does lead to a 21 hopper Apex Quarry siding.

Showing short head shunt.

The long straight section top two tracks will locate the Loading shed.

Loco Run a Round fits X or S plus a T type loco. Normal power in my era.

What's next mate, says Al ;).   Well, as you asked, the grain silo area needs a rebuild?

So we used up the last couple of hours tacking down all the points, joining in the straights to connect it all up, and setting up for the point motors.

 The empty storage roads far end, need to be replaced now that the d'slip is mounted.
Then I need to fit 5 Tortoise machines and one DCC singlet. (servo motor)

Loaded storage roads are a bit short. Might have to extend the road another 600mm.

Al built this section. The SG crossover was in, but all the rest including the nice straight line through the yard is all Al's work. Excellent work!
That will do me for tonight.

2016_12_11 Custom Pointwork

2016_12_11 Custom points made in Madang Indonesia.

Thank you Evan ;)

Departing Coal Siding, Wodonga. The existing track was supposed to be a temporary one, going back towards Wanganella, allowing trains to circulate. Although it will be almost totally hidden, it is good track, and I decided to leave it in, if I could overcome this problem. I need to construct a special point.
In fact a huge special double  track Y junction, with 44 and 46 inch radius curves. I was stumped.

But along came Evan from Indonesia. Exactly one week on, we only have the problem of getting it through the post office :)

Design...one day!

Build and test?  two days.

Ready to mail in  a week.

Very fair price and problem solved!