2016_08_29 Sorting it all out (The mess)

2016_08_29.  Moving on. Trying to find a place for everything!

Finally got into Studio for a few hours. Started sorting stuff into areas and clearing down the bench tops.
Aim is to complete existing  track wiring. as well as setting out track in Wodonga yard including turntable area.
Then to lay Albury Yard in place before a running night to be organised in November, with old friends from the Melbourne based Hobson's Bay Group.
So opened the doors up just before lunch and looked at this.....

Need to clear this down, dispose of garbage and store away required items in a place I can find them.
Sometimes I think I am a hoarder. My criteria today, is will I ever use it? Throw It, unless someone else might use it :)

Never got to this corner. I really need to finish the wall. But it is falling back in the order of things.

After sorting out most of the stuff on top of the bench work, I had to find a spot for the two black cases, where I store locomotive boxes that I want to keep. After sorting  through, I actually hung them under the layout, off the floor, and reloaded keepers back into them,

Room to store tool boxes underneath.

So Wodonga side is clear and cleaned off.  Now this reminded me that I had promised Roger that I would get this area finished before he returned. With Liverpool very close now, I need to install the turn table and sheds and lay the missing track, before he turns up.

See how things change around here :(

Its going to be dark under the top level. I already have LED's to install and brighten this area up. So I located them and started to plan out how I would hang them.

I decided to continue on with the Venetian blind method that I was not happy with from using it over Coal sidings. This time I am going to glue the slats in place rather than screw them, which tended to cause them to buckle. As well they drooped between the screws.  To stop it buckling I am going to laminate up to three lengths of slat to make them more solid

These are off cuts. The slats are 7 feet long.

By  gluing the slats together overlapping, I can strengthen the fixture and then glue the strips of LED's down the middle.

I have two types of LED strips. each 5m long one has 300 LED's and other 600 LED's These are 300 strips.

Cant find the glue sticks or the gun, I am going to use to fix it, so will buy some tomorrow so I can complete the job.