2015_07_07  addendum Waiting for my P Class's  :(

Last weekend Graeme came back for more punishment, so we sanded and put a top coat over the cornice plaster joins (which were still slightly damp too.

Now we will leave it for a fortnight so I can attend the Model Railway Show at Stawell

Somebody asked what filler we used that was fast drying?? It was this one :D

Got a text message to tell me a parcel had arrived. Was only waiting for two, and as one was the video cameras from China, and they were post free which usually translates into 4 weeks , I thought the P classes had arrived.. YEIIIII!!

However on arrival at the PO, I found a typical Chinese wrapping and found myself in possession of a pack of surveillance cameras and a DVD recorder. I'm happy but really disappointed that the P's are still not here  :(

Oh well it will give me something to take my mind off the post for a day or two ;)

oops the zoom-able 340 rotation one is coming in a separate parcel it would seem

Addendum  :D (near forgot)  CHILTERN shed arrived (well not really)
We elected to take delivery of it on the Thursday before Caulfield Exhibition when Matt will drive past on the way to the Exhibition, and hand it over / over a cup of coffee at Chiltern Bakery.

This shed will live at Wangenella ;) 
Might get a picture of the two sheds together and post it if we have time. So instead I have 3 pictures to keep me company till then