2015_10_29 Melbourne


Been in Melbourne since 23rd, account unexpected family business.
Busting to get home. Sure hope I can re-activate myself on my return hopefully tomorrow. Friday.

I just found a few pictures I forgot to post last week so here they are...

Had to modify this old shinohara point to DCC.  The point blades are linked together and the links need removing so that they can be electrically isolated. I followed the advice offered here

Alan Gartners Electrical insights

The brass rivet is gently removed with a grinding wheel and poked through

Repeated on second point blade

Used a long circuit board sleeper to replace the throw rod. First I ground away the middle of the copper sleeper on both sides leaving enough to solder the point blades on to.

Here you can see an electrical connection between the frog extensions. I removed this by removing the sleepers. This was necessary as the solder had to be cleaned off to allow fish plates to be slid on to locate the point blades.

Ok here it is cleaned and ready to accept the fish plates

The new throw rod is placed into position with a filler underneath to push it up close to the rail

The fish plates fitted and the blades in position. I predrilled the rod for the point machine. Now I need to set the blades in their place and carefully solder them to copper sleeper without fixing them to the other rail. I held it in position and pushed the sleeper back to avoid this.

All blades in and ready to install...    oops the photo reminds me that I have not yet cut two extra gaps in the rails  (See Allan's site)

Here is the point in position. I need to remount the point motors and remove a little more of the existing track and reconnect with new code 70 track. The original hand laid track used old fashioned n scale bull head (type) rail, and the point became a problem . My best option was to replace it. Fortunately the Shinohara one almost matched it allowing me to leave existing track in place (almost)

Will make the extra cuts and install it on my return home.   Can't wait :D