2015_11_13 Fitting Decoders...


After some domestic jobs, like washing three loads and hanging it all out. Then climbing up on the roof with a new long handled brush to wash 3 years of dirt of the solar panels. I actually got to start off the B Class Decoder job
1/ strip out the circuit boards and the wiring connectors.
2/ Cut new blank styrene boards to fit between the rubber mounts either side.
3/ Locate all the wiring and bring it to top of new board.
4/ Cut out new lids for fuel tank and cut a hole slightly smaller than speaker.
5/ wire in speakers and run wires through to top circuit board.
6/ seal top of fuel tank which now forms enclosure for speaker.
7/ Reassemble fuel tank and attach to chassis.
8/ Glue Loksound Decoder to top surface circuit board,
9/ wait for Silastic to dry

Times 4

So tomorrow will need to
1/ link black and red wires front and rear bogies to black and red wire decoder.
2/ link orange and grey wires to decoder
3/ link front marker lights to green wire via resistor decoder F5
4/ link rear marker lights to purple wire via resistor decoder F6
5/ blue wire +ve decoder to all body lights
6/white wire via resistor to headlight
7/ yellow wire via resistor to headlight
Locate body to chassis  and test movement and sounds
secure body, attach couplers and check for damage.
Run through Decoder Pro, to normalize operations, speeds etc

Rod Young