2013 May 2

2013 May 2   Thursday

Life getting in the way again :(
My dear old LandRover Disco  is still suffering the bad fuel I got from a Liberty Garage in Hallam Victoria Apparently it was mostly bio-diesel and it killed my fuel pump and fuel lines It melted fuel filters and ran muck through the system and cost me $2500 to fix. We thought we escaped lightly because the Injectors and High pressure pump appeared ok.
Last week the car sprang a diesel leak on the injector nearest firewall, and it appears the vehicle is heading for a $7000 rebuild. None of this reflects badly on a beautiful motor car, just on unscrupulous people from foriegn lands (Guess) who think they can escape punishment and do what is needed to bank even more cash.
   So last 10 days or so has had me rather preoccupied .... But

I finally worked out what I wanted on my Tombstone.

Under my name and dates etc....   This ;)