2013 June 7

2013 June 7 Friday

This picture shows the extension and the joining into the temporary loop back into the system

This picture shows the permanent connection towards Albury

Here we can see the temporary section passing under the Wangaratta to Wodonga main line. Scenery will hide the temporary diversion and you will only see the Wodonga main line on top.

I split the large curves in half to allow for both ends of the curve. Unfortunately the saw cut reduced an already tight track bed and I will have to let the foam underlay hang over the side. My best option is to use scrap thin ply to run along the edge to support the scenery. Not so bad.

Shows the diversion track on the bag wall towards Wanganella in position but as yet not set to the correct gradient.

About where the glue bottle is, will be the top of the small hill out of Wang. This hill was placed to pick up the SG which runs behind Wang 10.5 cm higher than the BG (as different to reality where the SG runs in a cutting. This again was another compromise and was used to position the SG after a reverse loop.

The permanent tracks will run in front, after I align the temporary ones into correct location. I will just create a box with cross pieces to enable the trackbed to be supported. This will hide the diverted track which will be hidden by a cutting and hill.

Just placing the Albury curve into position to work out where the backboard will extend to.  In fact I will install this now and it will allow me to create scenery in the future that will not have to be removed for the extension.

Side shot showing 10 and 10.5 cm clearances...   All good

Now all I need do is cut and install the cross pieces then carefully using a string line and a gradient level, fix the track into its final position. Apply strengthening, then lay the track :)