2019_08_30 Big project about finished,

2019_08_30  Unnamed terminus yard almost finished.

Fail proofing points

 I improved the point blade conductivity a little easier than before. Now I am lifting the tab on the blade and soldering to it. Then pushing the tab back down, and it is much easier than soldering to the blade itself.

Setting up the silo roads.

 Here is Al trimming track he has just laid and prepping the buffers.

 Installing the Auscision Goods Shed.

 WE kept stripping the screws that attached it to a board. Finally gave up and routed out a hole and sunk the board into it.

After Al left for home, I fiddled around for a while and as well worked most of Saturday trying to work out what I could do with the yard.

Here is a video showing where I finished up. All I need do is tidy it up for a bit and connect droppers as well as point motors.

Here is how it finished up today :)