2014_04_23 Remembering the Exhibition

Back from the Exhibition.  To be honest I did not do a lot of physical work during the show, but exhausted myself setting up and pulling it down. Just slept in till after 11.00 two days in a row.

I really hope that most of you appreciate the effort we all put into running this Exhibition.
I must admit that I was no confident that it would be as successful as it was, but Club Treasurer Paul Hawdon and Vice President Michael Churchley did produce the goods and pull it all together.
For those who found it easy to show criticism?  Well do a better one and lets see how you feel after it ;)

These are the pictures of my booty,which I am really pleased with.

12 Auscision U Vans at $20 each, is possibly the bargain of the show.

At the back you will see 3 On Track box vans which I won in the swindle.
Behind Three gold boxes to store them all in ($100)

I got problems with the flats. They will not sit on the track and move. I suspect it is a coupler problem with the uncoupling pin hanging too low. I sure hope the coupler is not low. I need to find the gauge.

4 packs of 3, SDS  VOCX flats. That's 12 flats!  half are three letter codes and all marked as VR.
This picture shows the peculiar shape of the uncoupling pin on the KD, despite the derailed truck it is almost sitting on the sleeper. Two minute fix (I hope) if I can find the pliers and test tool :(

WALKER trailer

Ex Alan Curtis Walker RM trailer, beaut model and was proud to bring this one home.

Some Books to add to the collection ;)  Bill Lewis has just released the middle one "Along the Straight"
 The BGM D3
Now the special piece to beat the rest :)
After Geoff from Shrike Models announced the D3 was not going to be the next model, I asked John Della from Precision if he had a brass D3 in black, and he did In fact he had two of them.
I bought one which had been owned by one of the original owners of BGM and it appears never used. Really stoked that John Della would let me have it, as it was supposed to be offered on his web site.
Very Happy Thank you John :)

2014_04_21 LaTrobe Easter Exhibition

2014 Easter 21/4/2014

LaTrobe Campus HBMRC Exhibition 2014


Fogarty's  Gap