2016_02_09 plugging along!

Warmed but cool with the AirCon working again.
Unreported but we have been plugging along. Several more locomotives are back in service with sound running nicely. The plaster sheets are in place, crack filled and ready for paint (Today?)

The supports for Honeysuckle are working as designed.

The sad remains of the first backdrop attempt. It did not shrink, as we used expensive 3M spray adhesive almost dry. We did have trouble keeping it stuck (painted surface?) But it simply shrunk back into itself creating vertical air pockets along its length.  We had trouble keeping the edges fixed, but when we went to remove it, it was impossible to not tear it. Replacement rolls are now here, so I need to try again using a better glue.

Have had a look at Threntham (need a new name)  And decided to upgrade all the points for reliability. As so many code 88 wheels have arrived on RTR rolling stock and locomotives, I have to sacrifice the very old hand laid points.
I was about to lean on a very good friend, to see if he would bring his "Fast Tracks" jigs up and make me some code 70 points.  Out of the blue, Steven from Sunbury advertises he is selling off his layout and offers on Rail Page, 7 points (Homemade Fast Tracks) in code 70 Fortunately I was in first, and got them all, at a very reasonable price.

So Trentham might get more use with this added reliability. Is that three way point still not fixed in? ...Geesh!! it just not end does it? :D

Rod Young