2017_05_30 Time Flies eh? flys

2017_05_30  Hard to believe its been two weeks since I was here :(

Ok have been sick, and was slow to climb out of it. Usually I take a while ,these days to get the spark firing properly.

The Club Exhibition a few weeks back filled in one weekend and a trip to Melbourne to see friends and family helped fill in the last one.

The few times I actually did get into the train room was filled with rewiring and checking out a few purchases from the Exhibition.

Their is a thread on RailPage about the biggest layouts in Australia. Although having the biggest is of no interest to me, but based on what others were writing I decided to roughly work out how much track I have laid, and how much more is to come.
For those who do not visit RailPage you might be interested in this

"Hobsons Bay North is an offshoot of my Club Layout that once was housed near the Docklands in Melbourne.Its  in a 15m x 8m specialty built room, runs around the walls on two levels and via a central island, also double stacked.
At present I have 400 meters of track with Albury yard and helix yet to lay.
I have a three track helix with outer radius of 1.17m and circumference of 7.35m and 5 tiers high to maintain a light grade. If my calculator is being operated correctly, that should have used 110.25 m of track?
The rest of the layout consists of SG track (simulated with code100) and BG track (simulated with code 75)
A second helix,, being only double track (SG) is being built now to access the Northern end of Albury and simulate trains to and from Junee. That will be near 60m long
The existing track, yards and branch line on both levels roughly calculates out at 300m.
Adding in the future Helix and Albury yard is frightening me, but calculated at albury being 600mm by 12m and main line and sidings roughly filling the board  8 tracks across? another 96m?
The helix 60m and the BG branch station on top 20m
I am going to have over 500m and possibly almost 600m of track Sad
My idea was to form a Club up here near Wodonga, but unfortunately I over estimated the numbers of people that might be interested, having very few show any interest despite advertising my intentions. My layout requires at least 4 to operate and could comfortably accommodate 20 people Aisles are huge and from my experiences with Hobsons Bay in Melbourne, I was able to learn from our mistakes down there, particularly the wide aisles
My long delayed layout is overwhelming me, and but for the help of good friends, it would be near hopeless. I guess