2016_10_29 Another month done and dusted (almost)

2016_10_29  A Saturday work day. Lets finish the wall?

Al came another day, and so did Graeme Schulz.
Graeme is going to beat this backdrop issue, and he is determined.

I got up at 7.30 am and started cleaning up the floor, and carted all the boxes to the skip. emptied the contents and burnt the boxes.

About now Al shows up, so we decide to build the final wall section at the South end.

Some pictures....

I need to wire the modules together, but found some of the plugs were missing. A trip to Jaycar is on the cards, me thinks :)

I braced the track abutments to keep everything in place when I turn it all over  ...... next time.

So here is the "dirty corner" all cleaned up and wall ready for filling , sanding and painting.
Actually like meeting an old friend, that floor, went missing 6 years ago :)

Trying to brace the plaster against the brick pier so the cornice cement can stick it.

And just 5 hours of work, and my clean, cleared bench needs loving attention once again.  sigh's.......