2016_01_05 Experts gone! Let the duffers work it all out :)

2016_01_05     Gentle rain falling and humidity high.

Cant run the swampy, just using fan to make the place more comfortable..Now where was I?

Well the frame is nailed together, but it needs noggins as well as fixing it to the wall. The pier and the nogging need to be flush to support the plaster which covers both at the end.
My son would probably do it by eye, however I had to come up with this method to create a flat surface. The long level is clamped so that it overhangs the pier and then I drilled the side stud into position.

At the other end, I had to make up a couple of blocks to fix the space from wall to match the other 

I then screwed the panel into position (temporarily) so I could set up the hangers to support the top level.

The horisontal piece will be cut to length and fixed to the side stud. A piece of wood will then be screwed into the brick in such a way as to stop the wood from drooping under the weight of the track and scenery

Now I have to attach another similar support complete with strengthening block at the other end.
I have also got to attach the noggins. The top noggin supports the join in the two plaster sheets. The bottom noggin supports the bottom level which will simply stand on legs at the front, and be screwed into the studs on the back. The support arm can be cut to length.

I will have to then remove the wall by taking out the screws, cut the insulation out around the supports and glue it in place.

Then screw it all back onto the wall, so I can cut out the slots in the plaster and fix it in place on the studs.

Sounds easy :)  Yeah right, but I keep forgetting I have two left hands :)