2017_03_29 Some reconstruction and some playing?

2017_03_29   The track gangs  are busy in Trentham

Unfortunately cannot fix the old hand laid track, so the gangs moved in to upgrade the area with  pre built 70 pound points. Line is expected to reopen shortly!

The original layout used soft caneite as underbed, laid very thin sleepers on top and spiked it all into place.

And so I have had to scrape out the top layer of Caneite to lower the flexi track to the same height as the track was originally

After cutting out the track pieces to fit, I will then lay coloured "No More Gaps" under the track, partly to seal the caneite, but to level the roadbed to secure the track in correct position. Might have to use card board to stop filler from coming up through sleepers though (so much for colours Ha Ha!)

And some fun

 Google destroyed Video however Vimeo....

And some special advertising.
The bloody C took a great Dynon Engineman too early from us a few years back. In NSW we had the log book cartoonist who decorated all the log books, first and last page for some years with hand drawn cartoons ,all original and all were recognised by Engineman as what the job had turned into.
We in Victoria amongst others had our own Rick Kaleta. His son is trying to sort many of them into a book, and I thought a lot of people might want to share a part of this and buy a copy. You cannot help to understand what makes a good engineman. You will love it as we all do on the Rail side.
Let me quote our Mr Hinch
"Good evening all. I am delighted to announce that after about 4 years of toil, the works of the late Ricky Kaleta are soon to be available in book form.Ricks son David Kaleta (V/Line Driver) has done a massive job of compiling this book which will include 150 of Ricks drawings including all of those wonderful caricatures of Enginemen and others which once adorned the walls of South Dynon and the Fuel Point. The approximate cost will be $40 give or take a few bucks. This will be a collectors classic for every Engineman and rail enthusiast as there will be a limited print run. All proceeds from the book will go to a cancer research institution. Please spread this message far and wide as we really want this to be a success both for cancer research and Ricks memory. Please text or phone your pledge to Dave Kaleta on 0433646491. Thanks and regards Michael Hinch."

and some samples?  :D Why not :)

 Rest in Peace Ricky, you were a great engineman, and we loved you mate!