2016_03_31 Marches on.....

Another few days , another hours work. Got my Son and Grand son visiting from Townsville. Think that's where they are now, recently Sydney, heading closer to real home Port Douglas, I think ;)

Just continuing on with the wall. But have also been playing around with Decoder pro, and spent many hours trying to clear up some sound decoder problems. Plenty of places to go see experts do this, so I will not try to say much about it
If you are on Face Book, an Australian DCC site can be found here:-     DCC Downunder
 search title if not connecting
So one wall panel fixed in place, and one to go :) Before another 6m of plaster can be installed.

 This one temporarily fixed. Will go out and drop it to clad it with insulation board after lunch. The cooler weather is really nice ;)

Had to pre install the sign before fixing panel into wall. Should have drilled new holes and lifted it. Too late now.