2016_09_20 a mixture yesterday and today

2016_09_20 Happy Birthday to my Grandson, Kae 14 yo yesterday!

Got a few jobs finished or started...


 Need to stick down this road bed in front of the Goods shed. Going to use some spray adhesive for the job. Enables me to lay the track to the turntable finally. The black foam perfectly matches the Trackrite underlay and was provided by them.


So  next job was to destroy a $100 sheet of 5 ply!

The aluminium tube has two pencil holders clamped to it and using the floor to find the center point , I was able to create curves wide enough to fit two tracks and a third one track that will allow 36' and for double track, 38" radii. 

And then I cut out two of the three straight sections, along the weakened edge, to link up with the curves.

The bottom curved bed is the link between Wodonga and Albury. This is a real problem, because my gradients badly messed up here. Fortunately the wall is so long and the station fits somewhat in the middle, so I can cut the gradient back into the main board. Unfortunately this makes it look less like Albury than I intended.. Top level shows the single track  branch line heading towards the terminal, Honesuckle Creek, which is here crossed by a timber trestle.
The slightly lower level track is hidden SG and BG connections that will run behind Honey Suckle out of site.


Although not perfect, with paper loose between tape fixings, it is by far better than anything else we have been able to manage. Happy with it. Just waiting to see how Graeme feels.

As well as all this, I started removing temporary wiring from Coal siding to Wanganella, commissioning the changes last night. Now I am going to start on Wanganella, which is still running the original temporary set up. Hoping this will overcome some of the mystery shorts that shut me down last few months.