2018_01_28 Geelong for a day

2018_01_28  Took my Annual drive to Geelong to visit friends and attend the excellent Corio Model Railway show.

I don't have much luck with air conditioners, do I?
Average temp is 38C and unless I get in before 8.00am the shed is out of bounds.
Two local Air-Con repairers are just not coming out to repair it after 4 weeks waiting.

I picked up some very nice WAGR open wagons from SDS as well ordered a Class 30T from Austrains for Albury.

As well a DRC I ordered was ready to pick up.

Because I am not getting things done outside, I decided to move my tools and DCC test gear into my office, and so I at least can get things done inside where the aircon does now work.

 SDS built WAGR open wagons for SG freight variety.

 Now at Tess Springs the new DRC and a trailer I already had.  (OK Steve I found the fault, or at least the camera, did :) Its cool.)

 And so I moved it in, but now I have to clear the shelves to put this stuff in place and clear the small desk place to have any chance to do some meaningful work in here :D