2016_09_16 two in a row :)

2016_09_16  Back scenes again :(

Graeme arrived today with a grin and an optimistic view that today we could win the battle of the scenes. We checked the test edge on the existing sheet and found it had held. So onward and into the next sheet. We will wait a week and see what happens with our double sided tape trial.
Here are the pictures.

 Trimming the 5 foot sheets using a scalpel and a steel rule.
(Now if I thought it out, I could have had this prepared before Graeme arrived :(  )

Cutting strips of double sided tape and applying them about 6 inches apart,
after inserting the drop behind scenery, and pining it at bottom.

Ok we used drawing pins to locate the bottom and folded it back. Then we fixed the double sided tape as shown. striped off the protective layer of tape and simply holding sheet tight pressed paper from left hand bottom towards right hand top. I held the paper tight but clear of tape by about 3 inches and Graeme worked towards me.

The last strip of tape was applied after we got the paper fixed without any folds. It really looks great.
Then we fixed the tape to the paper and fixed both in place.

Ok we decided to leave the less buckled sheet in place. But removed the badly wrinkled one furthest from the camera. I need to sugar soap the glue off and we can replace that sheet next week.

We are both pretty happy with the way it all turned out.