2015_02_15 wins and losses

 First a loss
It seems my good friend Geoff Hope has lost control of his NSW C30T project. With Ixion announcing that they have brought the project from a third party, I can only pray that Geoff is going to be ok after this. He needed the model to replace his Superannuation that was invested in this project. Experts are already saying it is among the best HO model steam engines produced, and I can imagine only a catastrophe would make him lose control of it.
 Get well Geoff.

Then another loss for Graeme and I who spent the day working on the layout.
Back Drops

So following the instructions to the letter and finding a stockist for the exact recommended glue, we attached the first sheet in position on the wall.

This $21 bottle of glue is supposed to be the one to use.

I returned 20 minutes later to find the back scene had dropped off the wall.

When I touched it, it fell away. The glue was to be painted on the back drop, but it was not sticky, and was drawn into the paper like a sponge. applying more got it to stick but the paper  became soaked. We wiped it on with a cloth and it appeared to stay there. When it dried it was not attached and had rippled badly. Apparently the ripples draw out if it fixes properly to the wall.

Here is a piece of recovered back scene fixed with white glue (I grabbed a piece of the scene from the first attempt) This is getting expensive!
However about 4 or 5:1 white glue seems to do the job, as shown here.

The new wall A win, I think?

 After moving all the keepers to other places, another barrow full of rubbish off to the skip.

So we painted the wall with undercoat. Then cleared all the stored boxes to access the next 6m of wall.
Which of course meant finding new places for that which we moved.  Started cutting out the new wall panels, which I hope to nail together soon. Getting the last 9 m of wall finished which will allow me to mount Honeysuckle in place and start getting the branch line into service.

I also played around with this camera which will give me a view from the East side when arriving and departing trains from Wodonga and Trentham.. I ordered 4 cameras all with longer focus lens which will give a clear focus over 5 to10 m.