2013 July 14

2013 July 14  Sunday

well eh?  um?  The old man model railway "trolley" is in use and does it help!!   Wiring in the new track :)  I could do this all day long, I only have to wonder why I don't? :(

Here it is adjusted so that I can lay on my gut and straighten the SG track before fixing it in place.

Spent three days in the shed since returning from Queensland. This shows the three lengths of track installed and wired into the DCC main. What it does not show is the cleanup to enable the trolley to fit underneath. The drilling of 4 new holes to correct the adjustment of the red plastic base to clear the layout at this spot. and a few other things that had to be done before one length of track could be laid.

The girder bridge is a place mark till I figure out what to use here. I wanted to create a modern (well 60's concrete over bridge similar to Jacana, Still might if I cab figure out how to do it :)

Off to South Australia for the rest of week with Tony K
So not much more is going to happen here, I guess.
Don't ask me about my car :(   Its back at the dealer with leaking diesel smoking up the country side once again! . Thought that this is becoming a nightmare, but at least it did get me home from the Qld trip. Turns out the return line from the injector pump to the tank is made from plastic as well. It is the only part of the fuel system that was not replaced so far. Another charge to add to the Insurance Company bill :(  I am assured that nothing else is left to replace... but they did say that last time, I think.
Rod Young