2015_05_07  Well things have slowed down a bit, I guess (Can they really slow down more?)

Work has continued slowly in the back ground, even so.

Main jobs have been to continue sound installations in the  back log of locomotive, and as all the easy ones are finished the T, Y, X and A-B Classes are coming along very slowly, indeed.

Have got a major layout project started. I want to get on with the scenery. But each job I start leads to another job.

The branch line (second hand modules of Bullarto and Trentham) need rejuvenating, so all the old trees have been removed in readiness for new ground cover and new trees.
The back drops are damaged. They need washing down and repairs, almost certainly roughed up with sand paper and repainted.
Plans are in hand for some photographic back drops as well.

When that is done, the buildings need placing, the ground cover applied, then ballast, fences and telegraph poles :)

Then I can plant the damn trees that started off this scenery effort.

The last couple days saw a trip to Bunnings and I returned with 5 new plastic bins. Into which was carefully placed all the locomotives and rolling stock, which did not fit in the Auscision boxes I already had.

So now the layout is bare of trains. I will now find a place for all the tools buildings and completely bare the layout then clean it down so I can paint and fix the back drops.

Some pictures of a parcel and starting to clear the decks!

Listen up!! Postie has been :D

I already know whats in here, but still worried that Stuart was able to pack it up to beat the roughest mail van.

All is well :D   It arrived safe and sound, thanks to the special laser cut box built to transport it here. I sat it near the Wodonga turntable for effect.. Nice huh?. This will go on the South Grafton module which I will renovate and install as my NSW connection.  Albury is just too damn big to be built in a room this size. :(  And South Grafton was already built, so why not :)

 Finding enough boxes to store the models whilst I work on the scenery.

The decks are clearing (Can you see the new Bullarto Station building?)Cheers