2017_02_26 I thought it was Sunday?

2017_02_26 You too? well we were wrong it was Alday!!

Al visited again today, as we gradually get all the track circuits up and running. We almost finished Wodonga Coal Siding. We probably could have, but we found another short, an old friend, almost :(
And we ran out of supplies. Seems I accidentally bough home two packets of female joiners instead of the 200 male spades I wanted. Back to Jaycar tomorrow. Mind you we connected over 60 pairs of droppers. That is 120 connectors and 120 spades not including the duds of which their was a few.

The short, was indeed, an electrofrog point with a live frog, and the frog splice joins were left in place. We had a few of these during the wiring upgrade.

I do not allow mechanical electrical joins. All soldered and independently connected. every point blade, point and track section has a dropper. A lot of work but hopefully will give me sterling service, something I have not experienced at Club level till we started doing this at Hobson's Bay in the 90's
Thank  you Al, I could not have done it without you ;)
Ok as it was all wiring today ,only a couple of pictures...

The right hand point and the diamond on the BG did not get finished. Temp wiring removed. Just have to remember how to wire the diamond! Wait a minute I just wasted all that time on the Kilmore East diamond 😓

The last point we wired up today shorted it all out. Here are the tags that we forgot to remove 3 years ago. Obviously this was never connected in till today and we got a dead short.

SG train departs main line , Coal siding for Albury? Well it might once we install Albury 🚂