2016_05_02 (continues)

2016_05_02  After staring at it all day,
 I decided to risk pulling it off wall. The latex glue was holding it firmly, but it allowed me to remove a third of the sheet, and probably I could have removed the whole sheet.
The result was that I got the sheet to sit down again.  Did not continue, because it is a two person job to get it back up properly, I think.

Seems it might be fixable, which is good news.
Wonder if the latex should be let sit a while, before fixing the paper on the wall. It appeared to go back on well, without extra glue.

2016_05_02 :(

 2016_05_02 So do I dare look at the "back sheets" ?
Visited this layout a couple years ago, with Graeme Schultz and it was another inspiration for me.

This site is well worth a visit.

The battle to fix up another wall continues:

The night was cold and I wonder if that has anything to do with this fiasco. But this is what I found this morning.

First look, not so bad, just the ends and join slightly lifted.

But when you get closer!   The flash on camera shows another failure :(

When we left it yesterday, it was flat and fixed. I hate to blame the product, but we have tried many different ways to glue this down, and we have failed to get it on the wall. Over $200 invested thus far.
The instructions are clear.  We followed them, and then we modified them, Now I think it might be time to cut our losses and move on.

So is that what I do next?