2017_07_21 (continues)

2017_07_21  Discovered another reason for my wiring problems

I think I have learned something knew about reversing loops. It appears that I have fluked my earlier installations. But in upgrading my wiring (strewth!! what a job!) I moved several reversing loop sections. I moved two sections to a place between two command stations. As I use TAM Valley frog juicers and have had exemplary service up until now.,my mistake helped to burn out two Hex juicers valued at $140 (ok repairs in States actually cost $40 plus postage both ways)
It seems that you cannot reverse between two command stations, and so it failed, and finally burned out two juicers. I kept reading the instructions and finally after the second burned board I noticed the bit about two districts. Now it seems to be working ok

To get away from the other power district (read command station) I had to cut in an extra insulated section. Diagram should show you what happened.

2017_07_21 Hardware Shopping Wheeeeeeeee!!

2017_07_21 Nice day. Should be in shed, but I have run out of food and need to shop. Anyway need stores for the shed. So off to Bunnings for a $12 sheet of 3mm MDF cut up for forming the fascias.

So home from shopping

Well I did get the MDF  (cut up free! thanks Mr Bunnings)

And the Post Office had a parcel from Bob's Hobbies. Takes 5 days and usually 7 for damn Post Office to move stuff from Sydney to Wodonga via Sunshine Mail Exchange, and 7 km's away people in Albury can receive theirs in 24 hours and worst cast 48 hours. Morons won't treat us like twin cities, even as they close Wodonga mail center down You got a 3 post code then you go via Sunshine! Morons!!!

I have worn out my remote power point switches. They are 8 years old. These Arlec ones were $35 and saves me bending down under layout to shut off power. Good for this old back.

I found some nifty little LED strip lights in battens and at $18 each, pretty cheap.  Might fill in light in the corners.

Gorilla Glue is here. Now we can find out if our Yankee mates are right Is it the best glue in the World?

Security lights to replace the 500 Watt power eaters the kids broke with a basket ball. only 20 watts and almost as bright.

Liquid nails, water based, to glue foam in place Twice the price but pretty good stuff.

Oh and did I mention a parcel from Bob's Hobbies?

Start timer! zero

1 minute!

1min 30 seconds!

2 mins!

2 mins 30 secs!

3 minutes!

4  minutes! Now where is the DCC chip? Removing the bodies is just so easy, particularly if you didn't cut your finger nails the night before. Simply spread body out above fuel tank valence careful not to drop the mech. as it is heavy. Do it an inch above a surface so it will not be damaged. To place it back on, simply line it up, push it on, and press sides in to ensure the tabs have locked in safely. I have seen these disengage so make sure it is tight before holding on to body to lift it off track,

ok ok Lets read the nice instructions......

10 minutes later, I decided to test each engine with a silent chip, and come inside and order some sound chips from Mike  at  DCC Aussie Sounds
Was going quite quickly for a while too ;)