2013 July 30

2013 July 30 Tuesday  damp and not so cold ;)

A66 in one of its many liveries heads up a test train to settle the track on the new temporary access track into the Coal sidings. Here it departs Wanganella.

Crossing the SG and entering the new line.

44 inch outside radius BG track with 2inch centres for SG track. So far so good. This rolling stock has not seen the light of day since about 1997 when I moved to Wodonga.

This is where I was working tonight soldering droppers and straightening track before nailing it all down.

On the Main heading towards Coal Siding Box and the curve up into Wodonga. Track further over is the BP oil siding.

n the photo notice the difference between Code 100 and code 75.  Reminded me that I should replace the upper deck supports which have been modified to work without the ugly stays that I had used before. Then I can plaster in the backdrop wall before I go much further. Even without the stays it is really firm, but it would wobble enough to derail a train if it was knocked hard.

Well I guess that has been a long job and I had to spend yesterday and most of today in town, so I was happy to get a few hours in after dinner tonight to get this far.
Tomorrow I should be able to start connecting up the power. Just counted
106 pairs to be connected to short circuit protection and into the bus, however it is all there, so it should not take so long.
Next job after that will be connecting up the point motors before moving around the corner into Wodonga.  That will be a long job, I guess.
Enough! what's on TV apart from commercials :(