2015_11_04 Got home from the city to rain and more rain and this..

2015_11_04 After a week away visiting parents in Melbourne

I came home to a very wet farm. When I finally got into see the railway it was (as usual) dry but humidity seems to have worked against me.

The  back scenes are coming away from the wall, and I think it is a combination of not getting it fixed properly and wet weather and hot weather. To explain..  I had the swampy on when we were installing the scenes and we did notice the paper was being affected slightly (so we turned it off).

What to do?  Well I have another 60 feet of paper left to hang. We could follow other methods of fixing, or even attempt to do it exactly as we were instructed in the first place. As an example we sprayed the whole sheet and adhered it in one place simply holding the sheet away from the wall as the second person flattened it to the wall. Instructions were to unroll the sheet as we held it to the line and spray it as you unrolled. This seemed too difficult. But maybe we would not have seen the air bubbles appear a week after the work was done?

Or perhaps hang it wet as in wall paper?

Either way I think I might have to seal it after placing it into position. Something like dull coat, but in a quantity that can cover such a huge area?   Some moddellers here in Australia have been using a matt estapol normally used on wood, and they use it to seal chalk weathering onto engines and wagons. If it works there on chalks, perhaps it will be ok on wall paper?   
Estapol worries me, because 30 years ago, I used it on some pine furniture, and initially it looked great, but it yellowed over the years and now looks very brown.

Anyway I think I will try to get another wall done, a different way, before trying to recover the first attempt....Some pictures. Hope I got the lens clear :)

ps some of you might not recognise the descriptive noun "swampy"  Its a water evaporative air conditioner that is very effective in dry climates.