Monday September 30

Monday September 30  A nice day

Spent some time in the train room, but mainly fitting sound decoders and sorting through a few things.
I have found some stuff it is time to move on. Hope you will bear with me as I list out this stuff and try to sell it ;)

These models all run, however they have been in storage for 20 years and will need cleaning down and lubrication. If you want them and don't feel  competent to do this let me know.
They were all built by Pete (ANR) Smith and ran without problem hauling long trains at Hobson's Bay. In their day they were much admired and regarded as of the best. Without a doubt Trainorama have put them to retirement. However I know that their are some out there with young families that cannot pay $300 on Ebay for the modern stuff. I think you will be happy with these until your circumstances change ;)

Body is  finished just needs side frames and this mech fitted.
Want $150 +ph.
  The mech was specially made to correct wheelbase. And it is not K&M It was meant to overcome the problems the K&M one had, unfortunately the guy building them moved to Brisbane and died after a massive heart attack setting up a new workshop. They are nice! and I have another 930 mech as well.

 modified and weathered is nice and grotty :) Want $110 +ph
Its stock standard mech.

 $110 +ph
stock standard mech.

Thanks for letting me know, but the AN single ender was a Trainorama one and so has been  withdrawn because thought it was the Lima one. I will repost the Lima one when I find out where it is :)  Apologies

here are the three of them together.

A look a like N set?   Again 25 years old and its the paint that makes it look like an N set but I loved it way back then :)  Maybe for $120 +p&h they can help you with the illusion as well.

What about NSWGR 3830?
I have never run it because I bought it without a lead truck. Eventually I sourced one from Casula, which is included, and if you are up to it I can sell it for $160 +ph

Some Powerline 48 Classes?
What about $150 plus p&h for each of them The bicent. certificates are included with that one as well.

The 125 year green 48 has an offer on it :)

Well I guess that's all of it PM me if interested :D
Rod Young