2017_04_01- Was I fooled...?

2017_03_01   Graeme came for a look and stayed a while and he brought some tools, and so...

With Al working his way into Albury yard, I had to clear  the decks once more. Where am I going to put the stuff? I will get some more tubs, and hopefully find a way to clear the Albury yard.

And we also need to clear the floor for the new helix as well.  So Graeme and I cleared the floor and opened up some space under the benches to get rid of some of the boxes, already loaded.

Ok almost clear. The cut road bed will be used in the Helix.

And the boxes went to the last open space under the layout on the other side. The beauty of the bins, is that they simply can be rolled out if I need to get at the wiring, or to access the bins