2016_05_16 So thats the best I can do!

2016_05_16  This is about where you walk away :(

Whether it be that you just can't recover a damaged sheet, meaning we will have more success if we try to fit a new sheet?  But I think I am over this. My background wishes are pretty much history today.

without flash, just room light

Flash shows what it really looks like

Pulling it off wall with heat, and re applying glue, takes the large crease out.
heating it up also takes it out.
But two hours later it is right back again.
We used a new craft type spray adhesive, spraying both surfaces as well as leaving go tacky.
I was a horror to put on, because you had to glue it to a line, which meant pulling it away to keep it straight.
All pictures taken one after the other and the room temperature was 14C at 51% humidity.