2015_07_10 At Bendigo

2015_07_10   Resting on way to Stawell Exhibition

Already blown the Bank at PCB Hobbies Bendigo Thank you Geoffrey :)
Found a few kits to help build the Shell Agents off Osbourne Street
Got another 3 SDS Centurion tanks on flats to complete my military train.

And bit the bullet and ordered a set of 15" high Back scenes from ID


click on

Bought 7 sheets That's 70 feet for !25 pounds air freight paid.  Hope they look as good as pictured ;)

Contents: Length 10 feet in 2 sections x 15 inches high - making one continuous backscene
All 4 packs of series 207 can be used in order to make a continuous 40 feet long backscene (Packs A-B-C-D)
Shot by a professional photographer and printed to a high standard on 160 gsm heavyweight paper, these backscenes add depth and detail to any layout.

Cheers Rod