2014 February 24-G Class frustrations

2014 February 24
So this weekend was to see the G Class finished. After using brute force to remove the bogie side frames, the frustrations continue. After nearly 50 sound installs, I decided to use a temporary tsunami that I collected along the way because it did have a similar 645 turbo project loaded. After spending a small fortune on Loksound decoders in the last month, at least 6 I think all of which were installed with a minimum of fuss. Oh well the AN was not really a Loksound problem, was it? :)
So this is going to take you just a few seconds to look at, but it represents 2 days of not getting a thing done. Is it me? my equipment? or is it something fundamental I don't know about Tsunami's?
Are my decoders locked?........

So after checking out the Tsunami site, I then checked the forums, researching this new toy, as I had never used a Tsunami before. I did use Soundtraxx product but pre-tsunami. about 10 years ago.
I learned that I probably would not be able to program with my Digitrax gear via the PR3. However I did have a Zephyr plus which had a switch built in to allow programming BLI and Soundtraxx Tsunami decoders. But I had not used it before. So then I found my Zephyr manuals and learned how to use it. This did not help at all, because every time I tried to reprogram the "stupid thing" I got from Zephyr..No-d   From Decoder pro No locomotive found/no decoder and this happened for 2 days!! I watched 20 videos showing Tsunami installations!  I am now convinced that a secret hand shake is required to program a Tsunami. I am also thinking that I have been in similar places before, and each time I come out looking foolish :(    \So Gerry is looking at my problem today! Please make me look foolish, mate, because I have no idea which way to go, apart from waiting till I can afford more Loksounds ;)

Two screws removed and six plugs unplugged!  Note Austrains beaut color coding! The orange and grey wirs did survive and actually do turn the motor over on a 9 volt battery.

The speakers are clearly marked, allowing pos and neg connections (not necessary for a single speaker install) The bogie pickups are not able to be crossed over and black and red wires (oh more correct coding ;)  Are attached to their correct tabs. The solder joints were each reheated and tested for connectivity.

Sylastic used to hold mounting plate which has a gap over motor and temporarily  held with blu-tak! At this stage I was thinking that my only problem was going to be the lighting, however that problem was easily overcome when Gregg and Gerry pointed me towards the 12 volt pad which connected to the blue wire (if their was a blue wire )  Oh found the blue wire but it is a negative return on this install White and I think blue to number lights and green is the real blue if you get my meaning ;)

No matter what I did usingDigitrax  DT402, Zephyr and connecting Decoder Pro via a Digitrax PR3, or a Sprog 2..     The only thing I can get this decoder to do is light up the onboard LED when it is seeking out the decoder. And in every scenario I'm told in one way or another the decoder is not found. grumble grumble!  Quickly retreats to bank account to see if he can afford just one more Loksound :(
So by now I am convinced the decoder which I did unseal from its bag, is a dud, and I am faced with up to $60 return postage to Soundtraxx for a $99 dud decoder :(    But wait.....

I started to search through my sound box and found an Alco loaded AT1000 I had forgotten about, and it was sealed in its bag too. I ran aligator clips from one end of the board (truck tabs) and joined them to my Sprog and you guessed it! The damn red LED comes on when searching the decoder and the rest is exactly like the BR1000 Grrrr! You think I am not about to blow a fuse? you just might be right! This Locomotive and this sound install has me glancing towards a carpenters claw hammer sitting nearby! In fact so much so, that I got up and tossed it out on the back lawn, just in case my safeties did not hold Grrrrr!!

So here I am sitting at my temporary sound rig With three interfaces including Loksound programmer, PR3 and Sprog 2. A new netbook I got for $200 from Aldi for the job. A zephyr that cost me more because I am led to believe its a great little throttle that reads decoders (which DT400 / .DB150 don't!) and will guarantee easy programming of BLI and Soundtraxx product.... Oh how I wish I had been introduced to Gerry and Easy DCC before I sank so much into Digitrax.
So today after sending several help messages out, I can only wait and hope the two decoders do not have to be returned to the States.
Rod Young...   Grrrrrrr!!