2017_12_18 Gum Boot? or have my FB posts caught up with me?

2017_12_18 Oi!! Wot's this??  A medical boot and GPS tracker?

Only way to find out, is open it, I guess?

Hmm? too small for what I thought it might be.

Oh, it is Stuarts Golden Fleece. I just have to glue on the signs!

Here is where it goes, over the line from the Pub!

Just have to dig it in :D and plant the cross bucks and finish the culvert ( Ian Wilson Models)

 Ah Stuart modified an engine shed to look like the old Wodonga Carriage shed.

Pretty nice, eh?

The work platforms are included and can be placed in correct position.

 The Sprinter arrived about 40 years too late to use the real shed, however in my version the shed survived in a different place as well.

I always have excuses.
This one is more of the same. I have not been feeling well, and get too tied in a cold room, as well as a hot one :(

So I had a few weeks of good weather, but life got in the way, with visits to Mildura , Bendigo and Melbourne. And then I was not feeling so well. By the time I was right to work in the shed, the temp was in the 30's (C) and the damn water cooler failed again, just like last summer. Turned out the frost had broken a tap, and the plumber fixed it but left the tap turned off. OK found problem and today was quite enjoyable in the shed.
I finished up a couple of sound projects and started to clean up Albury, so Al and I can start laying track, as soon as he is well enough.
He is really good for me, as a friend and as a driver Ha Ha slave driver :D
Cheers all