2015_06_28 Suns out!!


Just setting up in the shed to do some more wiring, but after 20 hours the plaster is starting to dry. At least the lighter layers are. However the thicker work is still very wet. Lets hope the week is a little warmer than last one.

Ahhh!!  have to rejoin the old modules and solder those rails together. The damn rail was all we could use 30 years ago, old profile n scale rail hand spiked onto wood sleepers to give the correct light rail branch line look. However the new profile n scale track fish plates will not fit, and neither will the code 70, or code 75 ones (The old n profile is more like bull head rail with a small rounded foot rather than the traditional flat foot.)  I think I will have to reshape code 70 plates and solder them in place. Or perhaps cut a trip of brass and just solder it on the outer sides?