2017_03_08 Stop the Press!

2017_03_08  Is it possible?

Pictures of the curve out of Coal siding into Wodonga.
F206 struggles up to Wodonga with the empty tanks which will go back to Spotswood on tonights mixed goods. (my 25 year older version because I cannot find the new ones just now :( )

Well this one is stuck with carpet double sided tape!  Will this be the one? (not the engine fool..the back ground) 👋 This is 5 feet of the 10 foot scene.

F206 lifting 7 empty tanks from Coal Sidings, Shell depot up into Wodonga for the evening mixed goods to Melbourne.

Damn wide angled lenses!  (Ha Ha)

ps  finally got my tooth out. Appears an abscess caused the pain and gave me a lot more grief as my dentist extracted it. I felt great, just a few hours after having it out, so I guess it was poisoning my system to add to my troubles. 

2017_03_07 Catch up post

So after an unreported Alday last Thursday, where we sweated over more wiring, and days thereafter working on various projects ......
Some pictures!

Another electrofrog where I forgot to remove the shorting connections before installation. All fixed now, and that completes the refurbished wiring in the coal siding.

This section of track is giving interesting readings though.
These are insulating joiners installed because my return loop electronics were installed on both tracks. I removed them when I moved the electronics to other end of the loop. I have to think this through because as the indicator shows, I still have a reversing problem.
In my mind the separate block to the right and the short (old) reversing section are matched in polarity and should not be doing this. I will have to do another trace with Al on Thursday to see what I have done wrong.

ok almost clean by my standards! Not hard to guess that Mr Schulz and I have been playing around with foam. I was going to keep going, unfortunately though, I broke my hot wire.

access road to Loco depot leads down to Hovel Street crossing. The extra width of the road bed will accommodate fences, telegraph poles and a dirt access road.

If we ever find a way to glue on our back drops, I have a suburban commercial scene for here!

Bulk chux wipes cut and sealed down with 30% white glue.

Ok just playing around to see what we can make this look like.