2014_06_29 Auscision deliver the BLX

2014_06_29  Auscision BLX / BLF arrive

The Wodonga yard pilot collects a bunch of Victorian box vans from the Bogie Exchange and waits line to haul them up to Wodonga for return to Dynon.

I took the opportunity to take some pictures whilst I still had some light to use!

Painted signs are only as good as the men who may read them ;) We often saw vehicles return through the bogie exchange from directions, they were not supposed to be :D

At Wodonga in the through road and ready to depart as soon as the road engine arrives from Wangaratta.  

Y 139 arrives from Seymour with a military special, heading for Albury via the bogie exchange.

I am extremely pleased with the detail and the models in general. Well done to our Sydney suppliers Auscision. You just get better and better :D

Its not all that happened on the layout in the last week :)  Al turned up again and we started to work  on the upper level of the branch line. We are attempting to get the branch up and running. More about that another time. But we did get my table saw going which has been just another place to store stuff on, since its purchase 6 years ago. Thank's again Al. You are a mate and great company, but I hope your back was feeling better when you got to relax back home :)
Cheers for now
Rod Young