2014 January 21

2014 January 21
Well not much is happening. At first I thought it was the heat. We have had at least 10 hot days yesterday and today a cool 37C after 7 straight 40.4 C in the shade :(
So I grizzle when its cold and so do I grizzle when its hot :(  However keeping cool is an expensive proposition whilst at least here in Yackandandah, is just a matter of wearing warm clothes when you need to warm up ;)
But I have noticed that my weight is creeping up again. No longer 99 kg and back up to 110 kg. You know it took about 10 days to lose 6 kg  and a year to lose 17 kg in total.   It took about 4 weeks of lack of walking without changing the diet, to put it all back on again. I am not looking forward to another 12 months to lose it again. The Doctors have got it all wrong. The body memorizes what it looks like and works against you to maintain the "shape" whether you like it or not. So the lack of exercise has promoted a bit of depression and grandpa naps in the afternoon. I have to start again :(

Last night I started to set  out the Wodonga SG loop. Cleared the roadbed which has been sitting there since November (?) and temp.laid out the BG.
ugh! apologies for the spelling I had to correct on a second reading :(