2017_03_18 Another work day? Woooooeeeeee!!

2017_03_18 Three of us today, building another wall and fixing up the embankment.

Continuing the cutting and creating the embankment. Better lay the track, wire it, the glue the foam down. This is Graeme's creation, I just follow orders on this one.  ;)

Cutting a hole here for the bridge.

Certainly looks like a train track (even without the rails Ha Ha.)

The Wall 

First we knocked up a frame and cut the plaster to size.
Here Graeme fixes the frame to the brick pier.

We just smashed the distant signal, after telling each other to be careful. I was pushing the frame through to Al on the other side, when he took the weight and pulled it I lost balance and dropped it. With lots of places to land, you guessed it, right on the signal, the safety board even made sure it hit it :( Tony will be pleased...not!

From the other side. both frames in place.

And all covered up ready for filling and painting.
Thanks to Al and Graeme who made all this possible