2016_12_16 Special Signs for Drivers?

2016_12_16 Trip to Melbourne (via Bendigo) makes Rod a very poor boy!

Here AL, is our next project :D

Deluxe Versions hand made in just a few days. Well close to half a day each.

Some Pictures!

Al, The Lop bracket is for the junction into Honeysuckle.

Various other homes to get the branch signalling project going. These are all fitted with actuators and sunny white lights which of course give the oil lamp characteristic yellow glow.
Next problem comes when you mix a yellow colour with green??  you get a blue proceed light. Victorian Railways used the common railway fix, of using a blue glass to get a real green signal indication.  Tony has replicated this with his signals.

And here is the Master at work. He is just fitting a tiny sunny white LED behind the spectacle. As you can see he is working in mm's here. And this is the final signal of the order The Distant!