2014_10_17. Gosh October already! what happened to September?


Well Bathurst has come and gone and one of the young guns has done Ford proud. Lets face it, it was won by attrition and the second car home was patched up after hitting the wall twice, no less. I believe Volvo had it all sewn up, but one little mistake put him into the marbles and game over!
Nice to see Whincup ignore advice and run out of bio-fuel Ha Ha
But there is always next year.

Anyway if Bathurst is over then my Annual trip to Liverpool must have come and gone as well.

Enjoyed my time with Roger Lloyd and Tony Hough (of AMRA)
And my visit with Col Hussey.   His layout is coming along fine. It seems he has a new wind since recovering from his spinal surgery. Thanks for putting up with us Col.

Spent a fair bit of money I did not have, up there, especially as my car needed a major service and took an unexpected $4000 out of the kitty.

The layout is still moving a little day by day.

The wiring of the old  Threntham layout being used on the top level has brought me undone and the last week saw me undoing it all and starting again.  I finally fixed all the dead spots and trains can circulate through the two stations and back around the deviation at long last.

Most of the 4 wheelers were circulating without a problem through this rewired area, but when I tried to run the new BPL carriages from Austrains, they kept derailing, suggesting that it is not just the track (4 wheelers prove that) The BPL cars are very light and appear to be very unstable. Not sure if it is just weight they need?  Anybody else finding problems with them?

Well I think I might relay a few lengths of track tonight and see if that improves anything, before attacking the carriages.